I started making jewellery in around 2004 when I was gifted some simple beading tools after expressing an interest in jewellery making. Some years later, I won a jewellery workshop as a prize at a craft fair and I began to take regular classes. I became completely hooked on trying the many techniques available to make just (what I thought at the time was) a simple piece of jewellery. I now have my own studio and regularly attend craft fairs, artisan markets and pop up shops around London, predominantly locally in Walthamstow, Wanstead and South Woodford through E17 Designers, Local Makers Market and Woodford Craft Market

I love to make individual pieces of handcrafted jewellery from solid metals, precious stones and upcycled materials. I create wearable jewellery and try to ensure that designs are stylish yet fun and understated yet eye-catching. Many of my pieces are one-of-a-kind as I believe that jewellery should be as unique and bespoke as the person wearing it. Many hours and a range of techniques are often needed to make just one piece but mostly I use traditional skills and tools (and my hands) to craft the jewellery you’ll see here.

I strive to keep my jewellery expertise fresh with new ideas and approaches, so I regularly attend workshops with fellow makers to continue to enrich my craft. This means my jewellery pieces are in constant flux and organically change as I grow and develop as an artist.

Please have a browse in my Collections, Sold Items and Shop and check out my Blog for interesting snippets about time spent in my studio or new pieces I am working on, as well as what I get up to when I am out and about. I am always delighted to take on commissions and make personalised pieces.  If you look at my Events page you will be able to see my upcoming shows/markets. You may prefer to come along and try something on for size before purchasing.

Keeley Hogg, jewellery designer and maker
I Love Dolly